Solar projects development

The key to success in any solar projects lies in the combination of factors, such as location, design, simulations, engineering and mitigation of any risks. With ample experience in developing projects from scratch around the world, CONCOM guarantees the excellence in all steps.

Services include

Find the best suitable locations
Site inspections
Land/rooftops contract
Engineering and layouts
Application for BOE permits and approvals
Taipower consultations, negotiations, applications and contracts
Application for local and governmental permits

Wide range of services


Our experienced engineering team is a synonym for success. When it comes to finding out the best solution for solar projects, there is no parallel in the energy sector.
As all the other businesses, there is no shortcut in this industry. Investing adequate and necessary time and money in the initial stages of a project leads to a facility's successful operation during its lifespan.

Consulting – Advisory

During the acquisition or also during development process of any potential project, CONCOM can assist, advise and review to avoid taking any unnecessary risks, saving time and cost for our clients.

We can carry out the technical Due Diligence in all kinds of project, on any scale and no matter what status it is.


Proper and effective Operation and Maintenance safeguards your assets throughout their entire lifespans.

CONCOM offers a variety of services to improve and manage your assets already on grid. All of them are essential to secure your incomes and bring you tranquillity.

Topographic and geotechnical reports

Considering the difficult profile and unique conditions of the Taiwan landscape, soil survey and land measurement are two preliminary steps fundamental in all the projects.

Our civil engineers with worldwide experience can easily manage the most complicated landscapes and deliver the most accurate data with topographic and geotechnical reports.

Services include

Topographic surveys
GIS services
Hydrological modelling
Cartographic modelling
Map overlay
Volume calculations
Boundary surveys
topographic mapping
As-built surveys

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